Horizon Credit Union is currently accepting tender bids for a janitorial position for the Grayson Branch.

The selected individual is responsible for the cleanliness of the public areas, offices and other general cleaning tasks.  Cleaning supplies will be provided by Horizon Credit Union.

This is a contract position for a 2-year period.  The successful tender will require a criminal record check, be required to carry liability insurance, 2015 WHMIS training and is responsible for all applicable Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax owing.

Daily Duties:

  • Dust counters, filing cabinets, desks, items on desk and counters, credenzas. If counters are stained, clean with a suitable solution to remove stains.
  • Dust telephones, computers, fax machine, postage machine, and photocopiers (no cleaner to be used other than a damp cloth)
  • Vacuum carpets and floor mats.
  • Clean entrance area and entrance glass doors.
  • Dry mop floors.
  • Wash all floors, unless exceptionally clean, but must be cleaned every 2nd day.
  • Remove shredder bag. Shredding and boxes to be put in the back office for pick up.
  • Remove garbage from all rooms.
  • Clean and disinfect washrooms thoroughly. Make sure there is a sufficient supply of toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap in all bathrooms.
  • Check building on a daily basis to ensure that furnaces/air conditioning is working adequately.

Weekly Duties:

  • Watering of plants on a weekly basis or as required.
  • Thorough cleaning of staff rooms including sink, counters, table and floor.  Janitor is not responsible for washing the dishes.
  • Wash tea towels and dish cloths in staff rooms

Periodic Duties:

  • Wash and otherwise clean all exterior windows and doors, as often as required between April 1st and October 31st.
  • Snow removal to be performed as required and prior to 9:00 a.m. During seasonal melting, take necessary precautions to ensure safe footing on all sidewalks, entranceways.
  • Responsible for weed control around building and in parking lot. The Credit Union will provide any necessary chemicals.
  • Cutting of grass is to be performed as required.
  • That the shampooing and cleaning of carpets shall be done at least yearly or at the discretion of the Credit Union. Any rental of equipment plus materials purchased shall be the responsibility of the Credit Union.
  • Arrange to have furnace ducts cleaned annually or as required. Change furnace filters as required.
  • Spring and fall cleaning of building-dust walls as required, wash walls, vacuum blinds, plants, ledges, carpets, etc. Fingerprints, food spots, and any other spots should be removed immediately.
  • Upholstery to be vacuumed at least monthly, and otherwise clean or remove spots and stains as required.
  • Complete minor repairs to building and furniture and replace light bulbs as may be required.


All tenders are to be delivered by no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday, April 12, 2019 to:
Horizon Credit Union
P.O. Box 56
Grayson, Saskatchewan
S0A 1E0
Email: human.resources@horizoncu.ca

The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Job Posting Janitorial Tender: Grayson Branch