Introducing STRONG PASSWORD in MemberDirect!

In todays world passwords are utilized in so many of the things we do day to day.

This allows you to have an alphanumeric password (a combination of letters, numbers and some special characters) when logging into online banking through your desktop or Mobile Banking app on your smart phone.

What is Strong Password (PAC)?

Strong PAC provides the ability to use passwords with alphanumeric characters. Your new PAC must be between 8-30 characters and must contain:

  • One upper case letter
  • One lower case letter
  • One number
  • Special characters are optional and limited

How can I update my PAC?

  • PACs can be changed in MemberDirect via desktop or mobile app.
  • PACs cannot be changed on MemberDirect Mobile Web Banking.

Important Information About Changing Your PAC

  • Mobile App:
    • If you have Quickview* enabled on your Horizon CU Mobile App, you will need to remove all registered devices from the full MemberDirect online banking site (note: this cannot be completed in MemberDirect Mobile Web Banking). This is required, as the App stores the last password (PAC) you had entered in MemberDirect online banking.
      To correct this, you will need to:
      • Log in to MemberDirect online banking (if on mobile, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and select the ‘Full site’ link)
      • Navigate to Account Services > Mobile Banking App
      • Remove all registered devices
  • Desktop:
    • Ensure you clear your saved password. This is generally done by managing your saved passwords or by clearing your cache/cookies in your browser setting prior to launching online banking.

*Quickview allows you to view your account balances when you open the mobile app, without needing to login first.

News and Updates MemberDirect Strong Password Coming June 11