Facts on Saskatchewan Credit Unions

At a Glance:

• 44 credit unions in Saskatchewan
• 249 service outlets
• Serving 218 Saskatchewan communities
• 186 surcharge-free ATMs
• Over 476,000 members receive financial products and services
• Employ close to 3,300 people
• Over 420 board members, locally elected by credit union members

Our Difference:

• Help build lives and fulfill dreams by providing a full range of financial products and services
• Autonomous financial institutions owned and controlled by members
• First in overall Customer Service Excellence (2015 Ipsos Best Banking Awards)
• Close to 86,000 hours volunteered by credit union employees in 2017
• Contributions of more than $8.95 million to local community organizations
• Fundraising of almost $182,000 for provincial and national causes
• All deposits guaranteed through Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation

Financial Impact:

• Over $8 million paid to members as patronage equity and dividends in 2017
• Total assets of over $22.4 billion
• $8.4 billion in consumer credit and residential loans, reflecting an approximately 19 per cent market share in 2014
• $2.3 billion in agricultural financing, or approximately 18 per cent of total outstanding farm debt in 2014
• $4.4 billion in commercial lending or approximately 54 per cent of the market in 2014


* Statistics as of 2017 unless otherwise noted


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