Our Vision

Building Financial Prosperity Today, Tomorrow, Together.

Our Mission

Horizon Credit Union is dedicated to The Co-operative Principles.

We strive to be an innovative and service oriented organization that employs knowledgeable and professional staff. We deliver quality products and services that improve the economic and social prosperity of our communities. Strong financial management is critical to our success. 

Our Values


We are committed to working together to provide our members with the highest quality service.  Our strength and development is enhanced by acting co-operatively as a system.  We take into account the effect of our actions on each other.


We strive for the highest quality service in the financial community.  We provide all credit union members with friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service. 


Our continuous innovation ensures members receive added value.  We provide access to a full range of financial products tailored to meet or exceed member needs.


Our strong financial performance allows us to fulfill our co-operative principles.  We balance our need for financial results with the needs of our members and communities.  We earn the confidence of our members and ensure our continued growth and development by providing an unlimited guarantee on member deposits and adhering to sound business practices.


We actively support the development of our communities locally, provincially and beyond.  Our communities are stronger because of the credit union system.


Members’ financial affairs are conducted with integrity in a professional manner.  Our ethical principles are rooted in the concern for the individual.  Confidentiality is integral to the way we do business.


We respect our employees and their contribution to our success.  We encourage employee involvement and participation.  We recognize and reward them for their creativity, teamwork and for achieving objectives.  We support their development by providing training and educational opportunities.  We respect their need to balance personal and professional lives.


We practice the seven co-operative principles as established by the International Co-operative Alliance, September 1995:

*Voluntary and Open Membership

*Democratic Member Control

*Member Economic Participation

*Autonomy and Independence

*Education, Training and Information

*Co-operation among Co-operatives

*Concern for Community