Consumer Loan Application

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Section 1 - Applicant/Coapplicant Contact Information
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Section 2 - Purpose of Loan
Section 3 - Employment Information
Section 4 - Assets and Liabillities
What You Own (Cash, Investments, Vehicles, Property
What You Owe (Rent, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Cards, Line of Credit)
Section 5 - Authorization

The credit union will adhere to Privacy standards which it has adopted from time to time, and will need my/our consent to release personal information gathered about me/us except when the law allows the credit union to so without my/our consent. For that purpose:

I/We acknowledge and accept this as written notice that the credit union will be collecting and gathering personal, financial and credit information from and about me/us (Information) to:


(i) obtain credit reports and evaluate my/our credit rating and credit worthiness;
(ii) determine my/our financial situation and make decisions about loan or credit applications;
(iii) administer, monitor and service my/our account and collect my/our loan;
(iv) administer and manage security and risk in relation to my/our loan and any of my/our accounts and the financial services provided to me/us;
(v) comply with legal, security and regulatory requirements;
(vi) assist in dispute resolution;
(vii) understand my/our needs and eligibility for products or services;
(viii) offer and provide me/us with the other products and services of the credit union and of its affiliates and service suppliers

I/We understand the credit union requires and may use my/our Social Insurance or Business Number as may be applicable as an aid to identify me/us with credit bureaus and other financial institutions for credit matching purposes or for income tax reporting purposes. I/we also understand that the provision of my/our Social Insurance Number for credit matching purposes is optional and is not a condition of service.

I/We understand that the Credit Union needs my/our consent to collect, use and disclose Information gathered about me/us except when the law allows the Credit Union to do so without my/our consent. For that purpose, I/we authorize, consent to, and accept this as written notice of the Credit Union obtaining, gathering, updating, disclosing, sharing or exchanging such Information about me/us at any time for the purposes described including from or with any credit bureau, government agency, credit grantor or other entity in possession of such Information and I specifically direct and authorize such entities to provide Information at the Credit Union's request. The Credit Union is also authorized to continually update, obtain and use Information at any time in connection with my/our loans, including enforcement purposes. The Credit Union may share and exchange information with any guarantor of the loan. The Credit Union may use this Information for so long as it is needed for the purposes described. I/We understand that I/we can ask the Credit Union to stop using the Information to offer other products or services at any time.

I/We also understand that I/we may ask the Credit Union to stop using my/our Social Insurance Number for credit matching purposes at any time. I/We understand it is necessary to keep my/our Information current and I/we agree to notify the Credit Union of any changes in my/our Information.

For the purpose of this authorization, Credit Union affiliates and service suppliers mean Credit Union affiliates and service suppliers that are engaged in the business of providing services or products to the public in Canada including, but not limited to, deposits, financing arrangements, credit, charge and payment card services, trust and custodial services, securities and brokerage services, insurance services, electronic services, information and technology services, educational and consulting services.

Credit Union and Privacy legislation prescribe and restrict the use of personal, financial or credit information (Information) without consent. To obtain details about Credit Union policies and procedures for protecting privacy of Information and Customer rights please contact the Credit Union, Attention: Privacy Officer.

By typing my/our name(s) in the authorization fields below, and selecting the 'submit loan application' button, I/we certify that the information provided is true and accurate. I/we also provide this as written authorization for Horizon Credit Union to obtain and exchange personal and credit information from any source for the purposes described.