Your Consent

We collect, use and disclose your information only with your consent, unless we are obliged to do so by contractual requirements, by law, or in order to provide our financial services to you.  When you become a member or customer, or when you apply for a new product or service, we will obtain your consent in writing.

We may possess personal information that we collected prior to implementing our Privacy Code and for which we do not have your express consent to use.  We will continue to use that information unless you ask us to stop.  This is considered implied consent.

You may change, limit, or withdraw your consent at any time by completing the Withdrawal of Consent form and returning it to your branch.  The form can be obtained from your branch.

Withdrawal of your consent to use your personal information is subject to legal or contractual obligations.  For example, Horizon Credit Union is required by law to provide a record of your interest earning information to the Canada Revenue Agency.  Further, if you have been granted a credit product, Horizon Credit Union is required to collect and exchange your personal information on an ongoing basis with credit bureaus, credit insurers, and other lenders.

If you do not withdraw your consent, your consent is implied for the use of your personal information for the purposes described in this communication, including disclosure to affiliated organizations.

To withdraw your consent, print and fill out the attached form and send it in to the Horizon Credit Union’s Privacy Officer at:

Horizon Credit Union
Privacy Officer
Box 1900
Melville, SK
S0A 2P0

View Restriction of Consent Form

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