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Need to order personal cheques? If your supply is low, you can enjoy the convenience of re-ordering your personal cheques from the comfort of your home.  You may choose from our most popular cheque styles. (If you wish a different style of cheque, accessories such as record keepers or you are ordering Business cheques, visit a branch nearest you  or call your branch to order. Contact Us

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  • IDefence™ - Every year, thousands of Canadians fall victim to identity theft. Restoring identity and credit ratings is costly and can take months. Anyone can become a victim, all ages are targeted.

    IDefence™ provides members with access to the resources needed to fight back.

    Now you receive the benefits of IDefence™ each time you order personalized cheques on line.

    IDefence™ will provides you with:
    1. A guidebook that provides helpful hints on preventing identity theft .
    2. Access to a 7/24 toll free assistance hotline for info on identity theft prevention.
    3. Unlimited toll-free access to legal assistance .
    4. Access to a professional counselor to help deal with the impact of identity theft.
    5. Free replacement cheques if they have to close an account due to identity theft.
    6. Access to the service for a maximum of 3 years per cheque order.

    The name and address information, as well as the joint account holders, to appear on the cheques will be taken from your account information we currently have on record. Please ensure your branch is aware of any name or address changes on your account prior to submitting your order. If a name or address change is required please provide this information in the comments section above.

    If you currently have a Premium MasterPlan or Ag Premium Master Plan package account, basic cheque orders are included in your package, please contact our office to order cheques.

    *Graduate Account online cheques do not include IDefense™, if you wish to have this benefit please contact our office.

    By submitting this form, I agree that all the information provided is accurate. I also authorize Horizon Credit Union to debit the account indicated above for the total amount due for this cheque order.

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