When you need a loan, contact us at the Cornerstone Credit Union.

Everyone has different needs and personal financial strategies. That is why Cornerstone Credit Union has many different loan options available to you. If it is buying or building a home or cottage, making a purchase, consolidating your outstanding bills and credit cards, paying for education, funding your retirement savings, or making another investment, Cornerstone Credit Union has professional lending staff to work with you on an individual basis, providing practical information and tools to design loans that meet your very personal need.

Interested in a loan to buy a car, truck, recreation vehicle, or equipment for your business? Want a Line of Credit or Quick Loan for extra cash needed from time to time, or to consolidate your bills into one payment?

Cornerstone Credit Union is committed to putting you first, we want to protect you and your family. We have credit insurance options that are designed to provide you and your family complete financial protection.

Buying a home in the city, on an acreage, a farm or business, we have a mortgage that is right for you.

Cornerstone Credit Union offers both conventional mortgage and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation mortgages and will pre-approve your mortgage so you can house hunt with confidence.


Builders or Construction Mortgage

Cornerstone Credit Union offers you financing while your home is being constructed in a way that saves you interest dollars. The mortgage proceeds are disbursed in stages so you can pay your contractor or bills as the home is being built, but you do not have to pay interest on the full balance of your mortgage. So if you are planning to build a home, see Cornerstone Credit Union to obtain your financing before you build.

First Time Home Buyers Plan

If neither you nor your spouse (common-law spouse) has owned a home that was your principle residence before or in the last 4 calendar years, the Home Buyers Plan allows you to withdraw up to $20,000 from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to buy or build a qualifying residence. If you and your spouse both have RRSP plans with more that $20,000 in them, each of you could withdraw up to the $20,000 for your home purchase. You will be required repayment each year for up to 15 years to repay the amount you have withdrawn.

The First Time Home Buyers Plan is a great opportunity to have these dollars work in two ways for you:

  • Lowering your taxes and taxable income the year you originally contributed to the RRSP;
  • Providing you a down payment on your property without being taxable income to you for up to 15 years. (Any money not repaid into the RRSP in the year it is due, is considered taxable income to the plan holder for that year).

Whatever your mortgage needs, a Cornerstone Credit Union mortgage may be just what you’ve been looking for. Call for details or Contact us online today.

Consumer Loans

Giving you the freedom to enjoy the things you want today.

A new car. A new boat. A holiday. Home renovations. New furniture. Or just a consolidation of bills. For whatever the reason, Cornerstone Credit Union is here to help you. We understand your goals and objectives and appreciate your concerns. Whatever your reasons for a personal loan, we do our best to help you get it.

With flexible rates and payment options designed to fit your budget tomorrow.

Competitive rates, with a variety of payment options designed to fit your personal situation and the guarantee that you can always increase your payments and pay back your loan at any time without penalty – the flexibility of a Cornerstone Credit Union loan is what keeps our members coming back to us when they need financial assistance of any kind.

Advice from friendly, knowledgeable people sincerely interested in helping you out.

Courteous. Capable. Concerned. Our loan officers are qualified, experienced people who have the knowledge you can count on to make getting a loan as quick and simple as possible. We will be glad to help you make the right decisions about your financial future.

When you need a loan, contact us at the Cornerstone Credit Union.

We’ll be glad to discuss your needs, review our competitive rates and convenient payment options and help you choose the loan best suited to your individual situation.

Quick Loan

Quick Loan is a type of revolving credit with a specific repayment plan.

Once you have an approved application, it allows you access to credit without additional paper work.

Quick Loans can be set up once for the amount you feel is adequate for your needs and can be deposited to your account in any amount (up to your authorized limit) you need with just a phone call.

Quick and convenient.


STUDENT CHOICE® Loans are designed to help ease the financial burden of the many costs associated with post secondary education including books, tuition, food and rent.


  • Available for Full Time Students – those students attending 60% full time course load or more.
  • $10,000.00 per year, to a maximum of $40,000.00 (o.a.c.) over 4 years and for students enrolled in a professional designation $10,000 per year to a maximum of $60,000 over 6 years for a total sum of $60,000.00.
  • Education Loans are granted on approved credit and require your parent or guardian to co-sign the loan.
  • At a Floating Rate of Prime + 2.00% during the entire term of the loan.
  • Affordable, because payments while attending school are interest only payments, paid monthly.
  • Payable after completion or discontinuation of school. You have 6 months before a monthly repayment schedule of principle and interest will be established, you may begin paying earlier if you wish. Repayment can be made over 10 years and if you have completed a professional designation up to 15 years may be considered.

Also available –

  • Up to a $1,500 line of credit (o.a.c.) as an overdraft protection on your chequing account. It allows you to make purchases without hassle or worry.


RRSP Loans

Horizon Credit Union can help you meet your Retirement Financial goals. We offer a special rate RRSP Loan for those who wish to make a contribution to their Registered Retirement Savings Plan but may not have the cash available. This allows members to benefit from investing into a tax sheltered investment until later in life when they withdraw the funds, at a reasonable cost in loan interest. It helps them save for their retirement financial needs and lowers their current taxable income, saving them tax dollars today allowing the investment to grow.

Top Up RRSP Loan

Our Top Up RRSP Loans are for those who have RRSP eligible contribution room. Our Top Up loans allow members to make contributions to their Registered Retirement Savings Plan from unused RRSP contribution room they have accumulated in previous years. They may have up to 10 years to repay the loan depending on the number of years of unused RRSP room they have. This will give members opportunity to invest in a tax sheltered investment now, letting tax dollars they would normally have paid grow and work for them.


Home Improvement Loan

Considering a face lift on your home or cottage?

Why not add a Credit Union loan officer to the list of professionals you plan to consult during the planning stage?

All permanent fixtures or improvements up to $10,000 qualify for a Home Improvement Loan.

For details on eligibility, see a Credit Union loan officer.

An affordable opportunity to enhance your home today.


Line of Credit

Extend your consumer confidence.

Establish a Line of Credit with your credit union and assure yourself of ready cash when you need it.

A Line of Credit is an ongoing loan that allows you to borrow up to a pre-arranged limit, simply by writing a cheque. You pay interest only on the amount you borrow – for the number of days used – at a lower rate than retail credit cards.

Use a credit union Line of Credit to protect yourself against an overdrawn account, or to purchase and save on specially priced one-time bargains.

It’s a wise money management move that can maximize your purchasing power. For more details ask at your credit union soon.



Cornerstone Credit Union has a variety of lease programs for almost any type of business.

Grain bins and harvest equipment, office equipment, utility trucks and trailers, whatever the need, sometimes it makes sense to lease. Expand your available capital without interfering with your established credit. Put the equipment to work for the benefit of your business and pay as it generates revenue.


Dealer Finance

Dealer Finance enables you to go into almost any automotive or RV dealer in Saskatchewan and request on the spot financing through the Credit Union Dealer Finance Program. Approval time is minimal and in most cases you can drive your vehicle away that very same day. All the paper work will be done at the dealership. This service makes weekend buying simpler when your regular branch may be closed.

Next time you are purchasing a new auto, RV (campers and motor homes), boat, or quad at the Dealer, ask to finance your purchase with Credit Union Dealer Finance.

If you are a Saskatchewan resident 18 years of age or older and currently have a satisfactory Credit Bureau rating, here is an easy way for you to apply with us.

Cornerstone Credit Union loan rates are subject to change without prior notice; however, the interest rate applicable to your loan will be the applicable rate for your loan request as of the date we approve your application.

If you are requiring credit for an Agency, business or business/commercial venture or if you wish to speak to someone during our business hours please call us.

Contact us today to apply for a loan.  Once we receive your request, one of our lending staff will contact you. We will make every effort to respond to you within 2 regular business days. To view our regular business hours click here.


Loan and Credit Insurance Services

Life is unpredictable. Cornerstone Credit Union is committed to putting you first, we want to protect you and your family. We have credit insurance options that are designed to provide you and your family complete financial protection.






For every one Canadian who dies prior to age 40, there are two that become TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED.

You are 14 times more likely to DIE than lose your home in a fire.

Yet, almost everyone has fire insurance.

Cornerstone Credit Union has a number of products available to protect you and your family. When you apply for a loan or credit, ask for a quote and be sure all your debt is covered to reduce financial burden during difficult times.

Disability and Life Insurance
No matter how prepared you are, the unexpected does happen. Imagine not being able to work because of an illness or injury. Your family may have a tough time paying the bills and be left to worry about your debts. Disability and Life Insurance provides the protection you need. Credit Disability Insurance pays your loan payments if you become disabled. Premiums are based on amount and length of the loan.

Group Mortgage Protection
There can be unforeseen twists and turns in life. To keep your mortgage from turning into a burden for you and your family, Cornerstone Credit Union has simple, affordable protection plans that will pay off your mortgage balance. Group Mortgage Insurance protects your family’s standard of living by ensuring any outstanding mortgage balance is paid should you pass away. Optional Critical Illness Insurance is also available to protect your mortgage if you become critically ill, and Loss of Employment coverage will make you payments if you become unemployed.

Member Term Life Insurance
You are a responsible planner. Choose to protect your family’s quality of life by safeguarding them from overwhelming financial obligations. Cornerstone Credit Union has secured an excellent group rate. The insurance level will always remain constant and premiums will be adjusted at five and ten-year intervals.

Line of Credit/Quick Loan Coverage
You can help secure your family’s financial freedom with life insurance that pays on the balance of your line of credit.

Financial security – When insurance proceeds are applied to your balance, it means money once spent on loan payments is free to meet your family’s more important lifestyle needs.

Just Pennies a Day – Your loans officer can quote your actual premium. Joint coverage is available.

It’s Easy to Enroll – You enroll right at your credit union. A few minutes of your time today could provide tomorrow’s
financial freedom. Complete coverage details are available at your credit union.

Statistics Provided By:
National Center for Health Statistics
National Safety Council
Society of Actuaries

Agriculture Services

We offer farmers and ranchers special accounts with convenient delivery to meet the day to day financial operations requirements. Our technology allows farmers and ranchers easy access to their accounts from wherever they are through our many online access applications. We help with education and planning to meet your long term goals. If it is investing, borrowing money for your operation, succession or other financial planning issues, Horizon Credit Union is here to lend a helping hand.

To assist in meeting your agricultural needs, Horizon Credit Union provides the following services:

Farm & Business Accounts

Click here to view our account options.


Card Convenience

Horizon Credit Union offers a full line of card convenience for Ag Business. Our MemberCard debits your account direct so no worry about a monthly bill. You can also choose from a family of MasterCard Credit Cards that best suit your business.


Today’s world offers many types of investment. Each type of investment provides different opportunity to grow, earn income, and has different tax consequences. Horizon Credit Union offers many types of investments for both registered and non-registered investments to meet individual and agriculture business owner financial goals.

AgriInvest Accounts

An AgriInvest Account helps producers manage small income declines. Each year, producers can make a deposit into an AgriInvest account and receive a matching contribution from federal and provincial governments. Producers have the flexibility to withdraw the funds at any time to cover small margin declines or for risk mitigation and other investments.

AgriInvest is part of the Growing Forward suite of federal-provincial-territorial Business Risk Management programs. Growing Forward is a commitment to Canada’s agriculture sector that’s focused on achieving results, reflects input from across the sector, and delivers programs that are simple, more effective and tailored to local needs.

To learn more about AgriInvest, visit the program website at, call AAFC toll free at 1-866-367-8506, or inquire at any Horizon Credit Union Branch at Melville, Grayson, Grenfell, Neudorf or Wolseley.

Loans and Leasing

Everyone has different needs and financial strategies for their farm or ranch. Each farm or ranch operation requires a different financial structure. That is why Horizon Credit Union has many different loan or lease options available to you. Our professional lending staff work with you on an individual basis, providing practical information and tools to design loans especially to meet the needs for your operation. For operating funds or if you are expanding your farm or ranch, Horizon Credit Union offers a variety of loan and lease options, farm mortgages and loans under the The Farm Improvement and Marketing Co-operatives Loans Act (FIMCLA).

FIMCLA increases the availability of credit to farming operations and farmer-owned marketing co-operatives to improve farm assets and strengthen production and financial stability. It encourages the provision of intermediate term debt to farmers for the improvement and development of their farming business in order to maintain an efficient agriculture production capability. Individuals, partnerships, corporations or co-operative associations actively engaged in farming and operating the farm as a business with the intent to making a profit are eligible to apply.

Wealth Management Services

Visit Wealth Management Services

The team of professionals in our Wealth Management department help you achieve financial goals at every stage of your financial life cycle. This starts with building assets, protecting what you have built, planning for retirement and even transferring assets to beneficiaries through effective estate planning.

With the convenience of electronic access to your accounts or our personal service branch locations at Melville, Grayson, Grenfell, Neudorf and Wolseley, having Horizon Credit Union as your financial institution makes good sense.

Personal Loan Applications