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MemberDirect® Online Banking allows you online access. Your Time – Your Way.
It’s here, the new era in money management with MemberDirect® Online Banking, the innovative system that gives you 24-hour online access to your personal or business accounts.

MemberDirect® Online Banking lets you handle many of your financial transactions right on your personal computer, whether it’s transferring funds, paying bills or getting an itemized printout of last month’s account transactions. And that’s just the beginning.

Imagine the total convenience of 24-hour online access to your accounts. Instead of waiting in line, you can simply log into MemberDirect® Online Banking through the internet. You can manage your money any time of the day or night, or when it suits your schedule – not ours. In fact, MemberDirect® Online Banking lets you do almost anything you can do at our credit union. And we’re always improving the system, always upgrading it to add more features that make it even easier to manage your money.

At Horizon Credit Union, you can feel secure about banking online. We have enhanced our security features even further for your protection. These enhancements include an increased authentication process.

Find out more about our increased authentication solution to help make our MemberDirect® users even more secure.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • If you do not already have an account with us, you’ll need to open one.
  • You will need a Personal Access Code (PAC). This code ensures the security and confidentiality of your system.
  • Visit us at any branch location and we will assist you to establish an account and Personal Access Code. Then sign on to Horizon Credit Union website – MemberDirect® Online Banking from a location convenient for you.

    Click here for the system requirements for MemberDirect®

    To sign up for MemberDirect® Online Banking, complete the form and someone from the credit union will contact you.

Agriculture Services

We offer farmers and ranchers special accounts with convenient delivery to meet the day to day financial operations requirements. Our technology allows farmers and ranchers easy access to their accounts from wherever they are through our many online access applications. We help with education and planning to meet your long term goals. If it is investing, borrowing money for your operation, succession or other financial planning issues, Horizon Credit Union is here to lend a helping hand.

To assist in meeting your agricultural needs, Horizon Credit Union provides the following services:

Farm & Business Accounts

Click here to view our account options.


Card Convenience

Horizon Credit Union offers a full line of card convenience for Ag Business. Our MemberCard debits your account direct so no worry about a monthly bill. You can also choose from a family of MasterCard Credit Cards that best suit your business.


Today’s world offers many types of investment. Each type of investment provides different opportunity to grow, earn income, and has different tax consequences. Horizon Credit Union offers many types of investments for both registered and non-registered investments to meet individual and agriculture business owner financial goals.

AgriInvest Accounts

An AgriInvest Account helps producers manage small income declines. Each year, producers can make a deposit into an AgriInvest account and receive a matching contribution from federal and provincial governments. Producers have the flexibility to withdraw the funds at any time to cover small margin declines or for risk mitigation and other investments.

AgriInvest is part of the Growing Forward suite of federal-provincial-territorial Business Risk Management programs. Growing Forward is a commitment to Canada’s agriculture sector that’s focused on achieving results, reflects input from across the sector, and delivers programs that are simple, more effective and tailored to local needs.

To learn more about AgriInvest, visit the program website at, call AAFC toll free at 1-866-367-8506, or inquire at any Horizon Credit Union Branch at Melville, Grayson, Grenfell, Neudorf or Wolseley.

Loans and Leasing

Everyone has different needs and financial strategies for their farm or ranch. Each farm or ranch operation requires a different financial structure. That is why Horizon Credit Union has many different loan or lease options available to you. Our professional lending staff work with you on an individual basis, providing practical information and tools to design loans especially to meet the needs for your operation. For operating funds or if you are expanding your farm or ranch, Horizon Credit Union offers a variety of loan and lease options, farm mortgages and loans under the The Farm Improvement and Marketing Co-operatives Loans Act (FIMCLA).

FIMCLA increases the availability of credit to farming operations and farmer-owned marketing co-operatives to improve farm assets and strengthen production and financial stability. It encourages the provision of intermediate term debt to farmers for the improvement and development of their farming business in order to maintain an efficient agriculture production capability. Individuals, partnerships, corporations or co-operative associations actively engaged in farming and operating the farm as a business with the intent to making a profit are eligible to apply.

Wealth Management Services

Visit Wealth Management Services

The team of professionals in our Wealth Management department help you achieve financial goals at every stage of your financial life cycle. This starts with building assets, protecting what you have built, planning for retirement and even transferring assets to beneficiaries through effective estate planning.

With the convenience of electronic access to your accounts or our personal service branch locations at Melville, Grayson, Grenfell, Neudorf and Wolseley, having Horizon Credit Union as your financial institution makes good sense.

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